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Recent reports suggest that men who cruise for sex partners online are more likely to engage in risky sex behaviors than those men who do not cruise for partners online.
Okay, so the title’s a bit of a stretch. But think about it for a minute. If online guys who cruise for sex take more risks—such as unprotected anal intercourse and lots of sex partners—it stands to reason that online hookups will carry a much higher rate of risk for an STD (such as herpes, gonorrhea, genital warts) or even HIV.
In fact, a national study of 2,000 online MSMs—that’s what the researchers call us, men who have sex with men—found that 6% of the guys reported getting an STD from an online hookup. So, there you have it: Men can get STDs from their computers!
Some people believe that they can reduce their risk of infection by being choosy about who they have sex with. A good friend of mine swears by the shoe method. It’s one of the major criteria he uses in deciding who is safe to sleep with. He says “Look at the guy’s shoes. If he takes care of them—they’re clean and polished—that’s a good indicator he also takes care of himself.”
However, I’m quick to remind him that STDs and HIV have been found in guys with spit-shined shoes. Freedom from STDs and HIV does not go hand-in-hand with cleanliness. Indeed, a guy can have any one of several diseases and not know it himself or show any signs of it. His shoes might be shiny, and his you-know-what might be shiny, but he could be full of microbes.
What are these invisible STDs? You can see a whole host of them and get information on how to protect yourself from them by visiting PowerONKansascity.org. Remember that the gross pictures you see are a few months down the road. When the guy first got the bug, he didn’t see a thing…and neither did his partner…or the next one…or the next one.
Play smart and play safe. Shiny shoes ain’t enough. Because you can’t judge a man’s disease risk by his cover. But you can cover him…and yourself. Use a condom. Yeah, they smell funny and feel weird. But those invisible diseases smell not-so-funny and feel worse. A condom won’t stop ‘em all. But they’ll reduce your risk greatly.

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