Health and Fitness – Go Out of Your Way to Walk

The car won’t start. The bicycle has a flat tire. Your neighbor left for work 20 minutes ago. The bus stop is 14 blocks away. The number for the cab company has been busy forever. Your pulse quickens, sweat beads on your forehead, you furrow your brow, and you realize you may have to …WALK!

Loosen your tie, put on those sneakers and “Walk Like a Man.” It’s going to be different today!

Today is your day to start an exercise program called 10,000 Steps a Day. The goal of this program is to get people to become more aware of their health and fitness through the ancient art of walking. That many steps each day are equivalent to four or five miles traveled. Don’t “Walk Away Renee” just yet, though! It can be done!

You will need a pedometer to keep track of your steps. These $20-and-under devices won’t break your bank, and they conveniently attach to your waistband. Stay away from buying one online because that would not involve any walking at all. Purchase one at your local sporting goods store. Then you will simply need to start “Walking on Sunshine”!

You will need to work to earn your 10,000 steps. Forget what the modern world has taught you about convenience and the on-demand attitude. The effort begins early and in earnest as you yawn, stretch, and rub your eyes after wrestling with your alarm clock. Climb out of your bed and “Walk Like an Egyptian” to the bathroom on the other side of the house to get your day moving right.

After you’ve showered, dressed, and eaten, you will be ready to change the way you approach the world. You can walk to work, walk to the bus, or drive to work and park four blocks down the street. You will need to get creative, and don’t be afraid to try something different. There is always somebody else out there trying this walking thing, too, and “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

Once you get to work, take the stairs and not the elevator. In your office, walk around your desk as you yap on the phone and earn your commissions for the week. During the last half of your lunch hour, walk with your co-workers. When you get to the last part of your work day, meet your team members in person and not through email. Smile or whistle on your way. It’s OK to “Walk This Way.” You have to earn those steps somehow and you might as well be happy doing it!

When you arrive home, you can continue to take a “Walk on the Wild Side.” The possibilities include walking the dog, walking and talking on the phone, or just plain old walking with the neighbors for some exercise and gossip.

The 10,000 Steps a Day program can be fun! It gives you that chance to strive for a daily goal, and it can change you profoundly! Get your pedometer, get motivated, and you’ll want to go “Walkin’ After Midnight.”

This health and fitness article is brought to you by that guy who likes to “Walk the Dinosaur” as frequently as he can. That guy is Ron Blake, and you can walk into his world at

Ron Blake

Ron Blake, a personal fitness trainer in Phoenix, has been training individuals and groups for 15 years. He has also coached high school cross-country and track teams in Indiana and California. He was born in Gary, Ind., and Indiana University awarded him bachelor and master’s degrees (as long as he agreed to quietly leave the state!) Visit his website, for more information.

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