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It’s hard business trying to make a name for yourself in the city — especially when someone shares your last name (no ‘S’ at the end for us), is about the same height, has a first name similar to yours, is also involved in the arts, and just so happens to “swing that way.” Luckily, the two of us happen to be friends and have started collaborating. So for my first piece of literature being inked into the pages of Camp, I thought I would shoot some questions to my “brotha from anotha motha.”
If you haven’t already had the pleasure of doing so, now is your chance to meet Steven Eubank.
1. First and foremost, being a Eubank is awesome. How do you deal with the weight of carrying such awesomeness?
Thanks, Sam Eubank (no relation). It’s a flattering comment and to answer the question: I masturbate a lot. Okay, that’s TMI and also a joke. Seriously though, I listen to showtunes as musical theater therapy.
2. Egads! Please expound.
Well, I produced shows with my parents as Eubank Productions for 10 years, and in 2010, we decided to evolve a bit, obtain 501(c)3 nonprofit status, and thus we became Egads! Theatre Company. For those who might not know, we’ve been a resident theater company at the Off Center Theatre now for a year – we produced Say You Love Satan, Valhalla by Paul Rudnick, Eating Raoul: The Musical and Evil Dead: The Musical. We like camp, kitsch and comedy, but not exclusively. Check out these two websites for more info: and

3. You had a pretty sensational 2010 with all of your productions. Do you have any spoilers for 2011?
Sure! We’ll definitely bring Evil Dead: The Musical back in the fall. We have a couple of tricks up our sleeve in the meantime (including a rock musical for KC Fringe Fest). It was fun to try to build a subscriber base for a season of theater last year, but we’re planning to take things show-by-show for a while. Our next production will be In Trousers by William Finn at the Off Center Theatre in March.
4. You’re known for your acting AND dancing. Where did you acquire such skrillz?
Mom and Dad figured out pretty early that I was not going to be an athletic kid and that I didn’t particularly care for piano lessons, so I started singing with a voice teacher when I was 7 or 8 and started dancing with a competition dance troupe around the same time. I was an awkward fat kid, but I sure loved singin’ and dancin’.
5. Who are some of your inspirations, role models, and favorite actors?
My local role models are Ron Megee, Jeff Church, Missy Koonce, Cynthia Levin and Paul Hough, and they’ve been the most influential so far. I also love following the careers of Adam Shankman, Kenny Ortega, Rob Marshall and Jerry Mitchell – mad props to these dancers turned directors!
6. Any Golden Globe predictions?
I’ve always been bad at awards predictions – I usually predict the exact opposite of the outcomes. I find my taste is a bit “off,” but I’d love to see Golden Globes go to The Fighter for Best Drama, Jennifer Lawrence [Winter’s Bone> for Best Actress in a Drama, The Kids Are All Right for Best Comedy and Emma Stone [Easy A”> for Best Actress in a Comedy.
7. What do you think Gaga will wear next?
Well, let’s see: She’s done feathers, meat, mirrors, bubbles and Muppets, right? I mean (really), what’s left? I don’t know … poly-cotton blends?
8. Will Lindsay Lohan ever get out of rehab, and when do you think her reality TV series is going to air?
Oh sure – I hear there’s already an option to make movie of her life next year, directed by Drew Barrymore, starring Ke$ha … no, I don’t know and, quite frankly, I don’t care. She’s old newz. Let’s talk about Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark on Broadway! Bahahahahahaha!
9. Would you be interested in choreographing a routine for the new gay Army dance troupe The Bouncing Betties now that DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) is kaput?
The Bouncing Betties? I love you, Sam! HELL YES! Where do I sign?!
10. Do have any questions for me?
Yes. Will you please take some kick-ass photos for us next season? Your designs for the Unicorn Theatre this season rocked my socks!

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