The Camp 10 – Jim Vann

As this fugly Missouri weather begins to transition into something bearable, gays and gals begin to venture out of their hermit-holes, pull out their wood and slip on a glove. No, this isn�t �Kumbaya� on Fire Island. I�m talking about the Heartland of America Softball League season, which is approaching faster than a twink to a fallen piece of Gaga hair.
Here to fill you in on some pointers and answer a few questions lacking innuendo is board member Jim Vann.
1. What is your role on the HASL board?
I am the Assistant Commissioner, Open Division.
2. As Assistant Commissioner, what are your duties?
I oversee the operation and membership of the Open Division. That includes meetings, scheduling games, resolving disputes, running around like a chicken with its head cut off during games, etc. … I�m also HASL�s delegate to the NAGAAA (North American Gay Amateur Athletic Association) summer and winter meetings. That�s where we discuss and vote on matters pertaining to the Gay Softball World Series, held this year over Labor Day weekend in Chicago.
3. What do you anticipate for this year in the world of softball?
Kansas City gay softball is going to be great this year! With 10 registered teams in the Open Division and 11 in the Women�s Division, we are looking at fun times with great friends and good games.
4. What is your favorite baseball movie?
It has to be A League of Their Own. I mean, come on … �There�s no crying in baseball!� Classic line!
5. Do you prefer a natural grassy outfield or Astroturf, and if natural, how often do you trim the grass?
I definitely prefer a natural grassy outfield. Keep it trimmed so that the field looks nice without getting in the way of things.
6. Fastballs, curveballs, or sliders?
I like the high ones! Sliders are best on buns.
7. What is your stance on switch-hitting?
Hey, if you can do it, versatility at the plate is phenomenal!
8. Describe the perfect glove.
Tough, but flexible, and well-broken-in with a snug fit.
9. If you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself?
Yes. With relish.
10. When and where can our readers view and participate in the softball games?
League play here in Kansas City starts April 17. We play out at the Mid-America Sports Complex in Johnson County, just past 435 on Johnson Drive. We play nearly every Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., until late July. If you want to check out dates and events, our website is

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