Musicality – The Bands Battled, and Here are the Results

The 3rd annual Her HRC Kansas City Battle of the Bands on Jan. 15 at the Cashew was a huge success, raising more than $8,100 for the Human Rights Campaign. The audience enjoyed several hours of a wide variety of tunes. From covers to originals, every performance was unique. Each band deserves kudos for providing such high-quality entertainment.

I was given the honor of serving on the panel of judges this year. Not only did I get to watch the show from a great spot, but I also got to help choose the winner of the electric category. It was a tough, but necessary, decision.

Big Bad Gina came out victorious as the Judge’s Choice winner out of the electric acts. The winner of the Audience Choice award was the band the B’Dinas. On the acoustic floor, Summer Osborne won the Judge’s Choice award, and Holmes Street was the Audience Choice winner. Though these bands won the titles, all the bands did an amazing job.

The Cave Girls, who performed on the electric floor, stood out in my mind as a particularly fun band. These high-energy, animal-print-wearing rocker chicks even had a pair of male and female go-go dancers for this performance. With dirty punk influences and the right amount of catchy rhythms, they were definitely one of my favorites.

Out of the three years that this battle has taken place, this one was the most profitable. It was a great event and shouldn’t be missed the next time it comes around.
Big Bad Gina
Lake Of Dreams
Big Bad Gina is music by women for women. No music type is foreign territory for this surprising gem from Fayetteville, Ark. The CD covers a rainbow of genres: folk, country, pop, rock, blues, and even some Spanish jazz influences. These women know how to play their instruments and they use a wide variety of them, including keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, violin, drums, and even the banjo.

But despite their arsenal of musical instruments, the vocals are their strongest suit on this album. Their lyrics also send an empowering message of feminine strength and freedom. Their style of singing is a mix of folk and pop-country, and the music has more of a rock and blues touch to it. These styles mix surprisingly well.

The album is a must for lady-lovers everywhere, and the live show was even better. My favorites were “Hidden Springs,” because it reminds me a little of the artist Poe, and the breakup-blues anthem “Set Me Free,” because of the strong vocals and the jazzy guitar breakdown solo. Lastly, any band who can sneak in “Bow chick a wow wow” into the lyrics of a song called “Butch Wytch” gets a million creativity points.
End of story.

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