The People Behind the Scenes of AIDS Walk

J.P. Crilly and husband-and-wife team Gary and Janie Foltz are the 2012 AIDS Walk co-chairs (and our cover models for this issue of Camp). Knowing that these three people have volunteered to organize such a huge project might make people wonder: Why do these co-chairs do what they do?

For the Foltzes, it all started with a shared driveway. Janie Foltz said she and her husband first got involved with AIDS Walk because of their relationship with their neighbor, with whom they shared a driveway.

“We started about 14 years ago, but very slowly,” she said. “… Our next-door neighbor, Sloane Simmons [former AIDS Service Foundation president and longtime volunteer with the walk>, invited us to come. And we started out as registration, and as we worked through the events, it just became evident that the people who worked with AIDS Walk were a great group of people, who were bright and devoted and loyal to their cause and hard-working. And it really became something very important to us over the years.”

Like so many others who work on AIDS Walk, the co-chairs had personal stories that played a role in their decisions to get involved.

“About seven years ago, I had my first friend tell me that he was positive,” said Crilly, 41. “And I thought, ‘Oh my God, what are you going to do?’ Then over the next couple of years, I had people come up to me wanting to kill themselves because they were positive, and I said, ‘No, we’re going to fight this. We’re not going to cure the world, but we’re going to make it better for you.’”

Janie Foltz said that she and Gary had similar experiences with friends.

“I think we were fairly na&iuml

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