Missouri HB 2051 Threatens GSA's and LGBT Education in Missouri Schools.

Rep. Steve Cookson, R-Fairdealing, and 19 GOP co-sponsors have introduced a bill in the Missouri legislature that would cause significant damage to the education of Missouri students on LGBT issues and threaten the existence of Gay-Straight Alliances in high schools.
Read the letter from PROMO Executive Director A.J. Bockelman (below) along with a link from PROMO on how you can sign a petition that will be collectively sent to our Missouri legislators showing your disapproval of this bill.
Randy Turner, a former reporter/editor and current educator has also posted a well written analysis of this bill in reference to other Missouri discriminatory legislation on his blog, The Turner Report. The link is below.
The Turner Report:
Letter from PROMO Executive Director A.J. Bockelman
UNSPEAKABLE! Homophobia and Bigotry Make a Comeback in the Missouri Legislature
House Bill 2051 would bar Gay-Straight Alliances and discussion of sexual orientation in public schools

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