Welcome to This Special Issue of Camp!

For years, we have discussed trying a different, magazine-page size for Camp. But for various reasons, when it came time to make the decision, we’d usually stay with our regular tabloid size. We know it works well for us. As they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

We were flattered when Hamburger Mary’s, Bistro 303, Missie B’s and OutaBounds came to us with a request to include a special Gay Pride Bar Guide in our regular June issue. So what better time than now to launch a new idea – and a new size — for a special issue? You’ll see our June issue in front, and you can flip the magazine to the back cover to see the Gay Pride Bar Guide section.

We’ll be using this format again for our September MGRA Show-Me State Rodeo issue. And based on the feedback we get from our readers and advertisers, we may decide to move to the smaller, magazine-page size in the future. If you care to comment, drop us a line at jlong@campkc.com.

We hope you enjoy all the events for the Pride festival and the events around town hosted by our gay bars, including the first-ever two-day Hamburger Mary’s KC Pride Street Festival. And there’s much more to come in the month of June, so look for that schedule in the Gay Pride Bar Guide section.

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