Hot Town, Summer in the City

This has been one long, hot summer in the Midwest. It�s enough to keep the lyrics of �Summer in the City,� that Lovin� Spoonful song of the �60s, running through my head, Since childhood, it�s been ingrained in most of us that we don�t want the days of summer to end, but we might make an exception this year.
Before we hit the Labor Day weekend, though, we have some important events coming up in August.
First, there are the Aug. 7 primaries in Kansas and Missouri. Camp has published political ads from four candidates. Several other candidates are running for office in the August elections, but these four specifically came to Camp at our Pride booth in June and inquired about advertising.
Camp does not endorse candidates. As a publication with a small staff of writers, we feel we don�t have the editorial board to properly vet them. We have left the endorsements up to our political groups, such as Four Freedoms Democratic Club, KC Pride Democratic Club, PROMO and the Kansas Equality Coalition. A simple search on Google or Facebook will lead you to their views.
But what is most important is that you make your decisions and your voice known with your vote on Aug. 7. The candidates are counting on your support, and they know the LGBT vote does make a difference, particularly in tightly contested races.
Also coming in August will be the 8th annual LGBTQ Health Equity Summit on Aug. 14 at the Downtown Marriott and lots of 40th anniversary celebration events Aug. 22-26 for Spirit of Hope MCC. We cover all of these events in this issue of Camp.
Then the month of September will bring the annual MGRA Show Me State Rodeo ( over the Labor Day weekend, the 4th annual Latino Gay Pride at Gillham Park on Sept. 8, and the AIDS Bicycle Cruise ( on Sept. 16. We�ll cover these events in our September issue.
These are just a few of the events that are important to our LGBT and allied communities. Get involved! Vote on Aug. 7, and participate in or volunteer for the events coming up in the weeks ahead.

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