Look Beyond Endorsements When Choosing a Candidate

To the Editor:
The election season is upon us, and as someone who is actively involved in the political process, I have seen many things — things that frustrate me and explain why more people stay out of the political sphere. I ask each of you to look long and hard at EACH candidate this time around, and don’t just take an endorsement by a particular organization as the sole reason that you support a candidate.
You should support candidates because of their integrity, their past experiences, and the things they have done for your community, not strictly because Organization A endorsed them. Although you may align with a particular organization, you may, after taking five minutes to look at the candidate and what they stand for, actually support the candidate that the organization didn’t endorse. Endorsements are only worth what you make them, and sometimes they shouldn’t hold any clout in your decision for a particular candidate.
I have been frustrated by the way that organizations I normally would align with have endorsed during this cycle, based on cronyism and old politics. I urge you to take a hard look at EACH candidate running!
Caleb-Michael Files
Community organizer
Kansas City, Mo.

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