LIKEME Lighthouse Makes a Better Community Center

To The Editor:
Thank you for your article regarding what is in fact happening with the Lesbian and Gay Community Center of Greater Kansas City (editorial, October 2012, It is way more than time that we all ask ourselves this question, and finally, someone is publicly doing so.
As a former member and volunteer (although I have not been involved at all recently), I gave up on the organization when it moved to cyberspace, because the impracticalities of having a community center that only existed online was the last straw. How can you give groups a space to meet or give youth who have been kicked out of their homes because they just told their parents they were gay someone to talk to without a human being at the other end of the phone and an actual physical address?
Now that we have LIKEME Lighthouse, which does have an actual address and volunteers and a phone that someone actually answers, it’s time to let LGCC die. Also, if Pride is too damn busy making plans, why not let LIKEME run the OutFest, too?
Seems to me the new kid on the block is doing and providing, and we as a community and KC Pride should be supporting it and letting go of the deadwood.
Gaby Vice
Kansas City, Mo.

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