Out in the Crossroads – Appearing on Stage

Get ready for live music the first weekend of October. “Out in the Crossroads,” located in the 1900 block of Baltimore Avenue, will feature a variety of performances, many of them musical. On Friday, Oct. 4, Dirty Dorothy and Eddie Sarfaty will make your stomach hurt from laughing so much. Later, DVJs Synematix will make your friends dance so dirty, you will just have to join them. The musical performers on Saturday, Oct. 5, represent a variety of styles, so you’ll find what you love. Kristie Stremel is a lovely acoustic act from Kansas City who always puts on a wonderful live show. Also acoustic-styled, Tom Goss will be there from Washington, D.C., gracing the stage to give us his sweet and honest songs. Victoria Barbee is a KC favorite, and she shouldn’t be ignored if you are a jazz lover — or even if you’re not. The Depth and The Whisper are an alternative local band with a gentle pop-rock sound that is hard not to enjoy. The Lawrence band Grenadina has been featured in Camp a number of times. These ladies are fierce alternative and are too good to ignore if you enjoy any kind of rock music. Lastly, Jeb Havens is a pop singer, pianist, and songwriter who will be joining the stage all the way from California and has a voice that will make you melt.
Schedule & Performances
Friday // Oct. 4
5 p.m. Vendors Market opens
6 p.m. Opening Acts
7 p.m. The Friends of Dorothy Show!
8 p.m. Eddie Sarfaty
9 p.m. Street Dance featuring Synematix DVJs
10 p.m. Vendors Market closes
midnight Street Dance closes
Saturday // Oct. 5
11 a.m. Vendors Market opens
12 p.m. Grenadina
1 p.m. Jeb Havens
2 p.m. Victoria Barbee
3 p.m. The Depth and the Whisper
4 p.m. Kristie Stremel
5 p.m. Tom Goss
6 p.m. Vendors Market & Main Stage close
8 p.m. Doors open for Bear Bust: FREAK OUT!

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