New LGBT Entertainment District Based On Hamburger Mary’s KC Relocation

In the last few years we’ve seen the number of gay bars in Kansas City decrease from a one-time high of more than 20 bars to the current eight gay bars. Those numbers will soon be increasing with the announcement of an entertainment district on Broadway, south of Valentine Road.
ECCO Holdings, owner of Hamburger Mary’s KC, has announced a new partnership with the historic Uptown Theater and the Uptown Shops, and the informal formation of a new entertainment district in Kansas City. In their press release issued today, they state, “Over the course of the next three years, ECCO Holdings plans to relocate Hamburger Mary’s KC to the Uptown Theater district and to launch at least three additional concept restaurant/bars in now vacant areas of the Uptown Shops located at 3600 Broadway Blvd.”
They will be launching the entertainment district in December, 2013 by opening a video bar in the former “Nowhere Lounge” on Broadway adjacent to the Uptown Theater.
The area of Broadway has hosted other gay bars, most recently OutaBounds, Danny’s and in former years, Wildes, The Other Side, and Starz and several others in Kansas City’s LGBT history. The GLAMA museum at UMKC has compiled a list of all the gay bars historically in Kansas City at: GLAMA Gay Bars
According to Eric Christensen and Jeff Edmondson, owners of ECCO Holdings, “We love the fact that the Uptown area has a history of open-minded entertainment. With the great acts the Uptown Theater is bringing in, the growing presence of the Uptown Arts Bar, and the new Broadway Jazz Club, we feel like the time is perfect to add to this mix the uniqueness that is Hamburger Mary’s KC, as well as three or four other concepts that Kansas City is lacking in right now. We look forward to bringing back what was once a very vibrant entertainment area.”
Phase Two of the venture will be the relocation of Hamburger Mary’s KC to the Uptown Theater event space now known as the Conspiracy Theory room. The move is targeted for summer 2014. Plans for the new space are already being worked on by their architect. The new space will be over 5000 feet indoors, and will also include outdoor space at least twice the size of Hamburger Mary’s existing outdoor space.
Phase Three, which will actually be in development simultaneously as Phase Two, will be a new sports pub. The sports pub will be housed in the Uptown Shops just across Valentine Road from the Uptown Theater. The sports pub will feature a full menu, full bar, outdoor space, as well as all that one comes to expect from a great sports bar.
Phase four of the existing plan is a Tex Mex Brew Saloon. Phase four will be equivalent in interior size to that of the new Hamburger Mary’s KC space, possibly bigger. The plan is that Phase Four will serve upscale Tex Mex cuisine as well as host a full micro brewery. The Tex Mex Brew Saloon will also have outdoor space, a full stage and a dance floor, with plans to bring in smaller Country Western acts on a regular basis.
ECCO Holdings have reported they are willing to consider additional investors who share their vision. The owners report “We welcome other investors, but only if they are of like mind to our vision.” Jeff Edmondson, General Manager/Owner of Hamburger Mary’s KC &amp

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