Kurt Krieger Starts a Group to Build Community

On Jan. 22, the Rev. Kurt Krieger, who many know as Pastor Kurt, convened a group of community members who represented various LGBTQI groups within the metro. The basement social hall of Spirit of Hope MCC served as the venue for the informal meeting. The stated goal for the formation of a congress was to create a more cohesive community that will attract people to the Kansas City area, with a short-term view toward a dynamic and thriving 2014.

Krieger, outgoing senior pastor of Spirit of Hope, jokingly commented that he needed to get the meeting in while he still had free access to the space. His last Sunday as pastor was Feb. 3. He is leaving to head up the formation of a Kansas City chapter of SAGE (Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders – facebook.com/lgbtolderadult.taskforce). He refers to this new calling as “his passion.” Eddy Potter served as scribe for the meeting.

As a means of introduction, Krieger asked each attendee to state zir name, organization and a specific Kansas City memory. The group then discussed how to make a better community, ways and means of doing so and ultimately to “What is the definition of community?” Two committees were formed — one for communication, the other for recruitment.

About 28 people attended the Jan. 22 congress, representing about as many organizations. More participants would be appreciated and welcomed at future meetings. Krieger hopes to set a mid-March date for the second gathering. Check campkc.com for the date and time, which are yet to be determined. In the meantime, interested people, including organizational representatives, may contact Krieger at 816-799-3650.

Bradley Osborn

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