Using Unique Talents for Fundraising

If you happened to see Late Night Theatre’s recent presentation of Golden! Girls Gone Wild!!! during its successful five-week run at Missie B’s, you saw Ryan Gove reveal a side of himself that you might never have anticipated from this director of student life at the University of Kansas Medical Center. He managed to perform his stage role in addition to his day job, while also serving as one of the four co-chairs of this year’s 26th annual AIDS Walk Kansas City.

Gove, a board member of the AIDS Service Foundation, serves as a co-chair with his partner, Doug Swink, and another couple, Dean Cox and Bryan McQueen.

Gove and Swink, who works as a registrar at UMKC, live in the Armour Hills area of Kansas City and they have been together for 13 years.

“I started walking in the late ’90s,” said Swink, and at that point, of course, he didn’t have the same level of commitment that he has now. “I was the type of walker that had a goal of $100 to get a T-shirt. At that time, I didn’t understand the whole concept or the whole organization.”

“I started walking in 2008 with Team Johnson,” said Gove. “Then we met Michael [Lintecum, now the event director> about the same time, and Michael always thought my name was Ryan Johnson. It took him a long time to figure out my last name was not Johnson.” Gove laughed as he remembered.

“Then after my first year, I joined the steering committee to get more involved. And then we started having our semi-annual Cupcake Party as a fundraiser. And then we just got more involved.”

“I think the Cupcake Party is pretty significant for us,” said Swink. They said their event was in line with what Lintecum and Josh Strodtman were encouraging people to do &amp

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