The Camp 10 – Jeff Sloan and Ruby Simms

The sun is warm, and the wind is blowing. I must be in Kansas! Now that I’m almost finished grading for the semester, I’ve been looking for some fun things to do in the Kansas City area. Well, I didn’t have to look too far! The Heart of America Softball League has games from April through mid-July HASL schedule. This month I interviewed two people — I was able to catch up with Jeff Sloan and Ruby Simms, who both play for the league. Now I’m ready to put on some sunscreen and head out to watch some ball!
1. Why did you become involved in the LGBT softball leagues? Were you athletic growing up?
Ruby Simms: I honestly really didn’t know much about the league. A friend of mine asked me to play for her team. HRC [Human Rights Campaign”> actually was the sponsor of the team. I was hooked after that first season and have been playing for seven years now, I believe. Being athletic is all I really knew how to do growing up. In the second grade, I remember being bullied by a third grader, and she always said how much faster she was. One day I had enough and took off chasing after her and beat her in the race. Track became my everything

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