Health and Fitness – Finding the Good News in Bad News

Certain moments in life stop you in your tracks and make you wonder what it’s all about. It could be the death of your friend, the loss of a job, a home foreclosure, or a separation from your partner of many years. These moments can make you a stronger and healthier person, though — if you allow it.

Your body is under constant attack from viruses and germs, but it has an amazing ability to ward off these evil foes and keep you safe and healthy. You must do the same when a barrage of negative news enters your life.

Your body does not ignore the lurking swarms of germs. Instead, your white blood cells find these irksome invaders and eliminate them. Then they remember the details so that they are better equipped to handle any subsequent invasions

You can do the same with all the bad moments that life might hand you. Face these sad and difficult situations, and be ready to analyze them so that you can better handle similar future attacks to your well-being.

Look to others to assist you in your times of need. Your white blood cells have the support of the circulatory system, the brain, the lymph nodes, and many other parts of the body. You would be wise to accept the assistance of others in your dark and daunting moments.Your friends and family can provide the perfect synergy to get through those times of trouble and struggle.

Focus on the positive parts of days gone by to help you stay strong for today and tomorrow. Remember the happy memories of your deceased friend, the skills you learned from your lost job, the celebrations that once filled the house you’ll be leaving.

Appreciate what you do have. You are alive and able to experience some great things. Seeing the sky, the mountains, the river, and the trees. Feeling the cool wind, the warmth of the sun, and the soft cotton comforter. Hearing rustling leaves, lively voices and the sweet symphony of birds. There is still plenty to enjoy even in difficult times.

Death and change are part of our lives. Use these moments to make you stronger. Do not let difficulties steal your sunshine. You will make it. Keep striding forward!
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Ron Blake

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