Making Sure the LGBT Community is Represented

The LGBT-Affirmative Therapists Guild of Greater Kansas City wants to take this opportunity to update Camp’s readers on recent national and local developments regarding health care and the LGBT community.
We count (finally)!
On July 15, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its report called “Sexual Orientation and Health Among U.S. Adults” as part of the 2013 National Health Interview Survey. This is the first time in the agency’s 58-year history that sexual orientation was included in the survey. The lack of statistical data on the LGBT community presents an ongoing challenge in delivering effective health care to our community. The survey found that 1.6 percent of the population identified as gay or lesbian and 0.7 percent as bisexual. According to the report, “The remaining 1.1 percent of adults identified as ‘something else’ (0.2 percent), selected ‘I don’t know the answer’ (0.4 percent), or refused to provide an answer (0.6 percent).” To download the survey’s findings, visit CDC Survey.
National Gay Blood Drive
This event was held July 11 in Kansas City and around the country to call attention to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s ban that has prevented gay or bisexual men from donating blood since 1983. On that day, gay and bisexual men showed their willingness to contribute by bringing allies to donate blood in their place. The American Medical Association opposes the ban, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has agreed that the ban is “suboptimal.” The effort’s online petition states that the “current lifetime deferral focuses on sexual orientation &amp

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