‘Five Dances,’ a Love Story, Now Out on DVD

Writer-director Alan Brown says his latest movie, Five Dances, which recently came out on DVD, is more than a dance film.

“People call this a dance film, they call it a gay film,” he says. “True, it’s about dancers — it’s mostly dance, in fact — and the main character and his romantic relationship [are> gay. But it’s very important to me that we bring in an audience that is not primarily a ‘dance’ audience.”

Brown ex-plains what makes the film different. “You never see a beautiful love story of the regular gay men on the streets. There’s a lot of comedies, there’s a lot of ‘unhappy’ gay people, but there isn’t that kind of equivalent to romance. So I purposely wanted to make this happy movie expressing love that made me, as an audience member, want to see these two young men together. … From the response I’ve gotten, I feel like I’ve achieved that.”

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