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My partner and I live in Indiana, and we are thinking about getting married here (finally!). I’m worried, though, because I’m not out at work and don’t know what they’d do if they found out. What are my rights?

Indiana, along with Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin, recently joined the growing number of places where same-sex couples can marry when the U.S. Supreme Court denied a petition to review lower court rulings that declared such marriage bans unconstitutional.

So where does that leave you and other people who want to publicly declare their love and commitment by getting married? Depending on where you live and where you work, getting married to your same-sex partner might place you at risk for discrimination. Just because the law changes in favor of freedom and fairness doesn’t mean that everyone will be celebrating with us.

Lambda Legal recently published a Know Your Rights Toolkit (Workplace) that specifically addresses concerns about discrimination in the workplace. This type of discrimination can manifest in many different areas, including hiring and promotion, a hostile work environment, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, words or actions targeting someone’s gender identity or expression, or violations of privacy.

A mixture of federal, state, and local laws explicitly protect LGBT people and people with HIV

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