Celebrating Our Progress

State by state, marriage equality keeps winning in the courts. Even as we go to press, we know that more rulings may be made after our deadline. We’ve seen progress toward marriage equality in Kansas and Missouri in the last few weeks. One lesbian couple actually became legally wed in Johnson County before Attorney General Derek Schmidt and Gov. Sam Brownback put a stop, at least for now, to gay and lesbian weddings in Kansas.
By the time we publish our next issue for December, who knows, we may be celebrating some historic wins in both Kansas and Missouri, as this battle for marriage equality continues. Our LGBT political organizations like Equality Kansas and PROMO and the ACLU of Kansas and Western Missouri (ACLU) have been doing great legal work on this issue.
In the meantime, as you will see in “CampBiz” on page 11 of this issue, a new Pride organization is being formed in Kansas City that is planning a festival and parade called Mid America Pride. In the spirit of that event and the good news we’re receiving these days (including Royals fever across the metro), we thought we’d print the “Rainbow Proclamation” for this event written by well-known playwright, actor and wordsmith, Philip Hooser. Enjoy!
Two score years ago,
Our gay fathers and lesbian
mothers brought forth in Kansas City
a gathering, and later a parade,
visible to the community,
manifesting our ideals,
celebrating the History that brought us here,
and dedicated to the idea that all people are equal in their rights and freedoms,
no matter their age,
no matter their ability,
no matter how “out” they are.
Therefore, we dedicate ourselves
and invite all others to create and
consecrate an event to celebrate
the L G B T Q I A community
and its contributions to our cities, our states, and Mid-America.
The brave people, living and dead,
who led the way
have created for us a legacy,
an unfinished work
to which we dedicate ourselves,
to be responsive and transparent in our dealings,
to celebrate our diversity and our unity,
that it shall be
from the community,
by the community,
and for the community,
so that Pride shall flourish in the Heartland and in our hearts.

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