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Election Day is upon us, and it’s time to vote all the bums out of office. Nothing ever really gets done. The status quo just isn’t working. Promises always seem to get broken. It all sounds so much like your health and wellness, actually. It’s time to shake things up. Your well-being is on the line, after all. Don’t stop until the necessary changes are made to improve your fitness.
Balance your budget. You can’t take in more calories than you burn off each day if you want to lose weight. Keep track of what you’re eating in a journal and calculate your caloric intake. Then get out there and burn off those calories through regular exercise and activity. Vote yes for keeping your ledger in the black.
Introduce a new finance bill. The old policies just aren’t working well for you. Your blood pressure and resting pulse are too high, and you’re facing a crisis. Those cigarettes will destroy you if nothing is done. Get rid of that line item and eliminate all future spending on Marlboros.
Be proactive and end all that procrastination. It’s time to take responsibility for your unhealthy actions, beginning now. Future generations will be adversely affected. Your kids, nieces, and nephews want to see you alive and well for all the family celebrations in coming years. It all starts with passing some healthy resolutions today.
Get the campaign signs out there. You can’t win this election if no one knows what you’re running for. Write your fitness goals on paper and put them all over the place. You want to be reminded of what you’re aiming for. This will help guide you and hold you accountable, and it will also let everyone else know what you want. The more visible these goals are, the more likely you will be able to achieve them.
Hold a debate with your doctor. Ask what you should be doing to lead a healthy lifestyle. Discuss the pros and cons of your daily behaviors. Determine whether you should be taking any medications to assist you in your efforts to get to optimal health. Don’t be afraid to disagree with your physician if you’re not comfortable with his or her recommendations.
Find some staffers to work on your campaign. You can’t do this alone. It’s a good idea to find someone who has been through a successful fitness change. Then gather a group of supporters who can cheer you on and motivate you toward your goals. They don’t all have to be experts on wellness; they just need to have an interest in your campaign for well-being. Friends, relatives, and colleagues are great candidates for these important roles. All those in favor say “aye.”
Get out there and vote for a healthy you. It’s never too late.
This wellness article is brought to you by that fan of democracy, Ron Blake. He can be found counting votes in his precinct at Ron Blake.

Ron Blake

Ron Blake, a personal fitness trainer in Phoenix, has been training individuals and groups for 15 years. He has also coached high school cross-country and track teams in Indiana and California. He was born in Gary, Ind., and Indiana University awarded him bachelor and master’s degrees (as long as he agreed to quietly leave the state!) Visit his website, for more information.

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