Musicality – David Guetta, Nicki Minaj

David Guetta
(What a Music Ltd./Atlantic)
Nothing prepared me for the high quality of this album by DJ and producer David Guetta. It’s a pearl on an overcrowded beach. The core of the music is pop with rhythm and blues, but every song has a different style. The range is astonishing and brilliantly put together. If you want your day brightened, this is a good way to do it. There is a different vocalist on every track, which is great, because if you’re not a fan of one voice, it’s not a problem because the next song will be sung by a different artist. “Lovers on the Sun (featuring Sam Martin)” is a great alternative song with a Southern edge and some electronic elements sprinkled in. Martin’s voice is a wonder on this track. Another one with vocals to die for is “Listen,” which comes as no surprise because it features none other than John Legend. The entire album is great, so if you’re looking for a taste of summer on a dreary, tired day, then give this one a shot. My favorite songs are “Yesterday,” “Sun Goes Down” and “Hey Mama.”
Nicki Minaj
The Pinkprint
(Young Money/Cash Money/Republic)
As someone who has occasionally enjoyed a Nicki Minaj song, I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan. However, this album is very good, and rap and R&B fans will love it. Minaj gets deep. The emotions are not merely glossed over. There is a genuine sense of sadness with songs like “I Lied” and “The Crying Game.” One can’t help but understand the feeling. The compositions are well-written, and she features an all-star lineup, including Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, and Drake. Although I didn’t expect such depth from the “Anaconda” artist, she still delivers with overtly sexual lyrics. I’m not really complaining; it’s just expected. The song “Feeling Myself (featuring Beyoncé), is borderline sensual and raunchy, and truth be told, it’s not so bad. The album gets a bit slow in the middle, but overall it’s strong. My favorites are “Want Some More,” “Pills N Potions” and “Grand Piano.”

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