A Star is Born!

Late Night Theatre is back with its first show of the year, Remington Steele Magnolias, which opened Feb. 20.

This production marks the Late Night Theatre debut of an entertainer who’s familiar to Kansas City audiences as Genewa Stanwyck, the drag persona created by Ryan
Matthew Chambers.

Chambers has done theatrical shows before, including Flowers in the Wardrobe last year, but this is his first LNT production.

Chambers said co-director Ron Megee invited him to perform. “He said, ‘Hey, want to be in a play and do Dolly Parton?’ I was flabbergasted at that point. … They had the faith in me, and hopefully it will lead to other things.”

He’s finding it exciting to perform as Parton. “I’ve done my take on her in drag, but this is a little more serous of a look, kind of portraying Dolly Parton, but still that camp aspect.

“Genewa started as an ’80s-type drag queen. I didn’t want to be that drag queen that everyone else was doing. I didn’t want to be that one that wears all the gowns and does all the ballads. I just wanted to have fun. [Drag performer> Connie Carlisle was part of that as well — just something where we created a character. I do the funny things. That’s what I like to do. I like to put a smile on people’s faces.”

Chambers explained how he developed his drag name.

“My friend gave it to me, because originally my name was Victoria Secret. That was before I had any kind of character. That was before [Dirty”> Dorothy, Daisy [Buck&euml

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