KC Lesbian Events – A New Place to Find Out What’s Happening

The number of lesbian establishments in the United States has dwindled so much that it’s nearly impossible to find one. Kansas City fell victim in 2010 when Tootsie’s finally closed. Before 2010, lesbians were the majority in a variety of bars/cafes in Kansas City, including Tootsie’s, Birds of a Feather, Pete’s Pub, bar Natasha, Jamie’s, Bar 1012, Billie Jean’s, Push, Rail Room, and The Planet Cafe.
The question of why they closed can be answered by the question of why did they open to begin with? Lesbians were seeking community in a safe environment. Most of the organic community has been replaced by the digital community. Modern Kansas City is rich with meet-up groups, Facebook groups, and users on Ok Cupid and Tinder.
Still, there’s something about gathering in person that cannot be replicated online, which may be why Kansas City has seen a recent resurgence of lesbian events. If you’re looking to hang out with your lesbian friends (or meet new ones), there’s a good chance that a public lesbian gathering is happening on any given weekend.
Where can you find out about these events? Besides this new column in Camp, you can read my Kansas City Lesbian Events Facebook community page and website with an events calendar. There’s everything from shows by local lesbian bands and lesbian DJs, to fundraisers for lesbian sports teams, to lesbian-themed movie nights. These events are hosted at venues that support the LGBTQIA community.
For more information, visit:
Facebook: facebook.com/womenforwomenkansascity
Website: kansascitylesbianevents.com

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