Holidays Are Kids’ Play

The holidays can be a great time for anyone. Now imagine once again seeing this wonderful time of the year through the eyes of a kid.
It’s so amazing to just let everything go for the moment and feel the honesty and simplicity that children have inside them. Your gift from me this magical season is to embrace the unique wellness and happiness as written by an 8-year-old boy. Today, I am that boy.

Santa is big and red and happy. He makes me feel happy. He is coming to give me presents. I have to be good or I will not get presents. I have tried to be good this year. My brother has not been so good this year. I will give him one of my presents if Santa does not give him one. Santa comes down the chimney. We do not have a chimney. My dad says he has a key and can come in the door. I am excited.
Rudolph is a reindeer. He has a shiny red nose. He is a magic reindeer. He can fly. Other reindeer did not like him. They laughed at him because he is different. It is OK to be different. Santa needed Rudolph. There was fog, and Santa could not see. The red nose of Rudolph helped Santa see and fly his sleigh. Santa was able to give presents. Rudolph is different and he is a hero. I like him. He is cool.
The Grinch was mean. He was mean to his dog. He was mean to people in his city. He took all the presents from people. Then he started to be nice to people. No one wants to be with a mean person. People like to be with a nice person. The Grinch gave all the presents back to the boys and girls. Now he liked to be nice. It made his heart feel happy. I want my heart to feel happy, too. I will be nice.
Frosty is a snowman. He is my best friend. He likes to have fun. He has a big smile. He dances and sings. He likes to play in the snow. I like the snow. I like to play in the snow. My mom says I have to wear my hat and gloves out in the snow. Frosty wears a hat. He cannot sleep in my house. He will melt. He sits outside my bedroom window at night. Frosty makes me happy.
Jack Frost makes winter. He makes the ice. I like ice. I go skating and play hockey. He makes snow. I sled on the snow with my friends. We make snow angels. We roll in the snow. It is soft and fluffy. Jack Frost makes it cold. Some days it is very cold. I drink hot chocolate to get warm. I put marshmallows in it. It tastes good. I like Jack Frost.[/QUOTE>
It can always snow inside the mind of an 8-year-old. But it’s never cold. It’s warm and inviting. Everyone is welcome to have a good time and play. There are no limits to what can happen on any given day. It is magical and full of happiness and wellness.
Here’s to helping your holiday season be just that simple … and just that much healthy fun!
This wellness article is brought to you by that guy with a sleigh full of cheer and goodwill. That guy with a candy-cane personality is Ron Blake and he can be found hangin’ with the elves at

Ron Blake

Ron Blake, a personal fitness trainer in Phoenix, has been training individuals and groups for 15 years. He has also coached high school cross-country and track teams in Indiana and California. He was born in Gary, Ind., and Indiana University awarded him bachelor and master's degrees (as long as he agreed to quietly leave the state!) Visit his website, for more information.

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