Author Eric Rosswood to Speak at LGBT Family Conference

eric-rosswoodEric Rosswood is an author, activist, husband and father. His books include Journey to Same-Sex Parenthood: Firsthand Advice, Tips and Stories from Lesbian and Gay Couples and My Uncle’s Wedding. Rosswood will be the keynote speaker at Modern Family Alliance’s Lifecycle of the Modern (LGBT) Family Conference on Nov. 5.

EricRosswood BookCoverIn Journey to Same-Sex Parenthood, published earlier this year, Rosswood shepherds prospective LGBT parents through five popular options: adoption, foster care, assisted reproduction, surrogacy and co-parenting. Personal stories from same-sex couples and individuals, enumeration of legal issues worthy of consideration and other critical information are combined to yield a unique approach to family-building.

Bradley Osborn

Brad has been writing for Camp since 2004. His beat is mostly local features and general LGBT news. Common topics have included youth, faith and community. Although he holds an M.A. in journalism, he primarily considers himself to be a chemist, having studied and worked in biochemistry, quantitative analysis, quality assurance and the production of educational science texts. He's laconic, unintentionally enigmatic and often facetious. He enjoys irony, as well as things – but not animals, apparently – that are simultaneously beautiful and utilitarian. He and his cat, Charlie Parker, reside in downtown Kansas City, Mo. If you have a story idea for Brad, send him a note at