Musicality – Lady Gaga, Glass Animals, Tritonal, KT Tunstall

Lady Gaga

“Perfect Illusion”pi_single_10x10


It’s about time. I say this as a rabid fan that has been impatiently waiting for Lady Gaga to release new music. She was busy with other artistic endeavors, like starring in the fifth season of American Horror Story, for which she won a Golden Globe Award, but it’s clear that music is where she shines brightest. She didn’t completely ignore it, doing  several performances in awards shows and singing the national anthem at Super Bowl 50. What we missed, however, was her songwriting. Although most of her initial fans want to see her release something like The Fame Monster album, it would be impossible to recreate the success of it. She has changed and matured, and her music has, as well. This is the first single released from her upcoming album, Joanne. It’s vocal-heavy and features a catchy chorus. I have the song on repeat, and I can’t wait to see a live rendition. Joanne comes out Oct. 21.

Glass Animals

How To Be a Human Being


Glass Animals’ musical style is mainly alternative, but the band is also heavily influenced by hip hop, psychedelic pop and electronica. The mix makes perfect sense when you hear their songs. This is only their second album, but they have yet to disappoint. Their songwriting skills alone are commendable. This new album builds upon the success of their first one, Zaba, which came out in 2014 and paved the way for some TV appearances and a U.S. tour in 2015. Among the sold-out shows on that tour was one at the Midland in Kansas City. It’s hard to pick favorites from such a well-rounded album, but these tracks stand out for me: “Season 2 Episode 3,” “Cane Shuga” and “The Other Side of Paradise.”


Painting With Dreamstritonalpwd_packshot3000px

(Enhanced Music)

We got a small taste of this album when Tritonal released the single “Broken,” which is a collaboration with Jenaux and features Adam Lambert on vocals. That song is great, and the album follows suit. The only thing that feels off about it is that it feels very much like a summer album, but fall has arrived. However, for lovers of electronica and dance, this album’s release right now is just as good as any other time. This is a great dance album. The rhythms are strong and catchy. Some of the instrumentals really showcase Tritonal’s talent, like those in “Rewind.” That song has been running through my head all day, proving that vocals aren’t always necessary to make a good song. My favorite tracks from the album are “I Feel the Love” and “Getaway.”

KT Tunstall



finalktcoverKT Tunstall’s sixth album, KIN, is simply a really nice pop album. Even though Tunstall includes alternative-style songs like “Turned a Light On” on this album, as a whole it fits undeniably in the pop genre. The style reminds me of the classic pop we heard in the ’80s and ’90s. It’s not the pop you usually hear on the radio today, which typically has some sort dance style mixed in. This is a bit more simple and relaxed, like Tegan and Sara’s style. My favorite songs off the album are “Maybe It’s a Good Thing,” “On My Star,” and “Run on Home.”