About The Cover

aboutcoverIn the holiday window display at Wonderland in Westport, a newly symbolic safety pin joins the U.S. flag and the LGBTQ rainbow flag. Owned by Andy Chambers and Alan Dunham, Wonderland, at 307-309 Westport Rd. in Kansas City, Mo., sells vintage clothing and gifts and also includes a hair salon.

Chambers announced the window’s completion on Facebook like this:

“On this World AIDS Day, we finished a window. We’ve done some fantastical things to be sure. From hanging a mannequin from a gold garland to the Three Bears window. From a Fathers Day window with two daddies to a tribute to a singer like no other. We’ve slaved away at fantasies behind the glass that echoed our world and ourselves. Although this window may be the simplest, it may also be the most carefully thought out. How to be politely political while the world is in turmoil. How to be celebratory for the holidays but still show how concerned you are for a country, MY country, OUR country. The gifts bestowed offer virtues we all need now more than ever. Peace, Unity, Love, Honesty, Respect and Charity. For ourselves and each other. HAPPIEST OF HOLIDAYS.”