On YouTube, She’s Funny. In Book, She Stays Positive.

da64b6fd0251cc695b62084b12fa527eHannah Hart is known on YouTube for her lighthearted show My Drunk Kitchen, where she cooks while inebriated. It’s fun and comedic. But her latest book, Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded, is not your typical memoir from a popular YouTube personality. Many of the books written by people who make a living from YouTube focus largely on how their life on the platform blossomed – which is not a bad thing, necessarily. Hart takes a different approach, focusing more on her relationship with her family, something she hadn’t shared before with her fans. She goes into detail about a happy, yet tumultuous childhood with her mother, who suffers from schizophrenia. She remembers worrying about her sisters. She was raised Christian, and she remembers realizing during college that she was a lesbian, which caused conflicting emotions and self-loathing that she had to overcome.hannah-hart

The book includes many sad moments, but Hart’s take on her hardships is positive and illuminating. It helps to understand the humanity behind a YouTube success story like hers. The book is definitely not comedy, but Hart does add in funny tidbits. It’s enlightening to hear Hart’s serious life story, and her outlook is a good example for all of us. This is great gift for the young adult in your life who could use a little positivity.