Musicality – Taylor Buono, Mary Noyes

Tayler Buono

Technically Single (The Remixes) E.P.


Tayler Buono is mostly known for her rendition of Justin Bieber’s song “Sorry.” However, she is much more than that. Her style of singing and overall song composition have definite Rihanna vibes, although their voices are different. In 2016, she released “Technically Single.” The song is good by itself, but this E.P. of four remixes is now available and they offer a bit more stylistically. They make the song stand out from the pop we constantly hear. My two favorites are the Lenno Remix and the Before You Exit Remix. The Lenno Remix makes the song sound more robotic and gives it a bit of a slow Daft Punk sound. The Before You Exit Remix retains the upbeat nature of the song, simplifies it, and adds some ambiance, as well as a hint of funk. This is a great set of remixes, so you should definitely check it out.

Maty Noyes

“London” single


Maty Noyes is a glass of perfect lemonade on a hot day. She has gained some fans from a previous single, “In My Mind,” for which the YouTube video has more than four million views. Her new single, “London,” was just released in February, and it’s a gentle tug on worn-out ears. I’m thoroughly impressed by this artist and the overall composition of the song. The track even features a 50-piece orchestra, conducted by Bill Ross. Noyes seamlessly changes styles throughout the song, which is not easy to get away with, especially in pop. The song can wake you up on a slow day. Noyes is only 19 and can already dish out songs like this, so I can’t wait to hear more from this refreshing young voice. Keep her on your radar.