Kenneth Hall, 2017 Show-Me State Rodeo Grand Marshal

Ken Hall, Photo courtesy of MGRA

Kenneth Hall attended his first Show-Me State Rodeo in 2001 after the manager of Sidekicks Saloon gave him a ticket. He decided to check it out and had a great time. Ken remembers everyone being so welcoming and fun, and he wanted to be part of that. The next year, Ken joined MGRA and he has remained a member ever since.

In 2003, Ken began volunteering during rodeo weekend. That first volunteer experience was memorable, but not for the best reason. At that time, the rodeo was held at the Wyandotte County Fairgrounds. Ken was stationed at the camping area to do security. The volunteer coordinator forgot Ken was over there, but he stayed at his post all day. Luckily, the contestants started giving him water. When he walked up the hill at the end of the day, the volunteer coordinator knew he’d never hear the end of that incident. The next day, Ken was Miss Mae’s assistant and rode around in the old Lincoln Town Car with her all day. Believe it or not, Ken and that volunteer coordinator are still good friends today.

That volunteer experience did not deter Ken. He has continued to serve MGRA in many capacities, including vice president and president of the Kansas City Chapter, as well as the volunteer coordinator for three Show-Me State Rodeos. Ken is now serving his second term as MGRA trustee. He has stuck around and worked hard to keep MGRA going even in rough times, and in 2009, Ken was awarded the IGRA International Award for his efforts to support his organization.

Some of Ken’s fondest memories with gay rodeo include being in Oklahoma to celebrate Mandy Barbarel running for, and winning, the Miss IGRA title and when the IGRA convention was in New Orleans during Halloween weekend. Ken says he will never forget Mandy and Miss Mae introducing him to people who were so warm and accepting. A few of those people he mentioned were Linda Frazier, Wade Earp, Ron Trusley and Randy Edlin. Ken is so grateful for the lifelong friendships he has made through MGRA.

MGRA selected Ken Hall as 2017 Show-Me State Rodeo Grand Marshal to honor his hard work and service to MGRA and to say thank you for being there the last 16 years to support the association through thick and thin.  Thank you, Kenneth Hall!             – MGRA Show-Me State Rodeo