SAVE INC. Adds to its Mission

The agency’s new voucher program, which is currently full, helps a younger population.

Every year, it is our pleasure to work with SAVE Inc. on its “HomeComing” fundraiser. This year’s theme is “Spotlight – Time to Shine.” In the special supplement of Camp’s October issue, you will find information about the Oct. 14 event and SAVE Inc.’s mission to help those with medical or physical disabilities find safe housing.

Our monthly MAGLCC spotlight interview in this issue features Blaine Proctor, who is SAVE’s CEO. 

Last year, Proctor was enthusiastic about a new housing voucher program for HIV-positive youth. In that interview, he said: “Many statistics show the HIV diagnosis is growing the fastest in the youth population, and homeless youth is a huge focus for HUD. Once these kids are diagnosed with HIV, they typically fall out of care the easiest. So we’re excited to be offering housing and services for that population.” (Read that interview at

Jennifer Russo, program manager at SAVE, updated me recently on the agency’s youth housing voucher program.

She said the program is currently full, with 22 youth housed in scattered sites within the Kansas City area.

To be admitted into the program, Russo said, applicants must be ages 18-24; must be HIV/AIDS positive; must be homeless and have no or low income; and must have a mental health or chronic substance use diagnosis.

It is a 24-month, tenant-based rental assistance program, providing vouchers to the youth. The clients locate their own housing within their voucher limits.

Applicants need a referral from a case manager to access the program, Russo said, but it is not a requirement for clients to remain in services once housed. The case manager would contact the program manager of intake and quality management at SAVE to submit the referral to apply.

This program for youth is yet one more way that your support of SAVE Inc. can help the underserved communities of Kansas City. We hope you will be able to attend “Spotlight.” Please also consider including this organization in your charitable giving.

Spotlight – Time to Shine

Saturday, October 14, 2017.  8 p.m. – Midnight

Studio Dan Meiners

2500 West Pennway

Kansas City, MO 64108

Tickets:  $75 advance, $85 at door.