Sacred Paths – What Did “The Word” Really Say?

September 5, 2006

Religious homophobia in our largely Christian culture derives from literalistic interpretations of the Bible enabled by a Kansan. Fundamentalism, which picked up force about 1900, has affected domestic concerns like education (think the Scopes Trial and the current Kansas Board of Education) and foreign affairs, especially in the Middle East, arousing Christians fascinated with tales of Armageddon and sinners “left behind” at “the Rapture,” the return of Christ to earth. […]

Camping Out in Kansas City

July 28, 2006

One of this July’s most memorable events was the passing of the Dixie Belle Warehouse Complex, better known to its habitués as The DB. On Sunday July 2nd, she closed her doors for good—but not before a weekend of partying the likes of which this town has not seen in many a moon. […]

Talking it Over – Hillary’s Silence

July 28, 2006

“Clinton Silent on Same-Sex Marriage” read the headline in the San Francisco Chronicle after a July political fund-raiser with Democrats in San Francisco. New York’s United States Senator Hillary Clinton stood with equal marriage advocates San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, state Assemblyman Mark Leno, and state treasurer and California gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides for pictures and questions but refused to acknowledge inquiries on the New York State Court ruling upholding a ban on same-sex marriage just the day before (Chronicle, July 8, 2006). […]

Well, well, well…A Rat Tale

July 28, 2006

In the 1950s scientists did one of those infamous experiments with rats: They stuck a wire into their little rat brains and turned on the juice … just for a second. And they taught the happy little rat that it could get more happy by pushing a lever and getting another buzz. And another and another. […]

Sacred Paths

July 28, 2006

When 50 years ago comics presented superheroes like Batman (and what was his relationship to Robin?) and TV ran the series about the Lone Ranger (and what was his relationship to Tonto?), a pattern of rescue was revealed in the American consciousness that may, ironically, delay the achievement of full liberation for the LGBT population. It will tak […]

Date Night – “Threesome”

June 30, 2006

We all have friends affectionately referred to as “the old married couple.” You know, they’ve been together five or ten years, own a fabulous home on One hundred and fifty-something Street in Johnson County, would rather stay home than go out on any given weeknight, they even finish each other’s sentences…in a word, they’re kind of boring. […]

Lesbian Notions – Power Dyke

June 30, 2006

Logo aired a documentary about them as part of the network’s Real Momentum series. The New York Times writes about them. The online Urban Dictionary even defines them. […]

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