Sacred Paths – Be Proud and Love

May 27, 2006

The world’s first “novel” explores the meaning of immortality with the god-man Gilgamesh and his beloved Enkidu. The Buddha is sometimes represented in erotic relation to his disciple, Ananda. […]

Date Night

May 8, 2006

No one can dispute that Fort Lauderdale, Florida is the place “where the boys are.” […]

Talking It Over

May 8, 2006

I watched the tail end of an Oprah rerun featuring a young HIV-positive man who vividly described his use of drugs and the wild reckless behavior that caused his HIV status. He told of deliberately “hunting the bug” by looking for sick men in bathhouses and having bareback sex with them and others. […]

She Said

May 8, 2006

About a week after the 2004 Presidential Election (after enough time had passed to digest that not only would it be four more years of the Idiot-in-Chief but also that I now lived in a red state), I began looking for political analysis of why and how America (as the headlines were screaming) had taken a step to the right. […]

Sacred Paths

May 8, 2006

Yes, there still are preachers and other bigots who call AIDS the “gay” disease and preach that it is God’s punishment, the sign of damnation, the wages of sin, for those who follow perverted ways. […]

Lesbian Notions

May 8, 2006

Jake Reitan walked into a Chicago gay bar and met a student from nearby Wheaton College, a Christian school. As they were chatting, the Wheaton student told Jake he wasn’t out on campus, couldn’t come out, and actually agreed with the school’s teaching about being gay – that it was a sickness. […]

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