Protesters Stand Up for Love Against Brownback

March 10, 2015

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback drew outrage within his state and nationwide on Feb. 10 when he issued an executive order removing sexual orientation and gender identity from protected classes of state employees. Former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius had added those categories in 2007 by executive order. […]

New Year, New Website

January 27, 2015

As many of you recall, Camp celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2014. We launched the magazine in June 2004 at the Gay Pride festival. […]

Celebrating Our Progress

October 26, 2014

State by state, marriage equality keeps winning in the courts. Even as we go to press, we know that more rulings may be made after our deadline. […]

SpeakOut – Grabbing a Cab? Use a Local Company, Not a Big Bully

October 26, 2014

At a hearing this fall before Kansas City’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, an immigrant to the United States urged officials to intervene in Yellow Cab’s business tactics, which stand a good chance of running our local minority and women-owned taxi cab companies out of business. […]

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