• MAGLCC Spotlight

    MAGLCC Spotlight – Blaine Proctor

    We recently sat down with Blaine Proctor in his Midtown office, a restored private residence turned into the headquarters of SAVE Inc., an essential Kansas City charity. Proctor, the chief executive officer of SAVE, says: [...]
  • News

    In Memorium – Danny Hurshman Jr.

    Danny Hurshman – often known by his nickname, DJ, and his drag name, Connie Carlysle – was a good friend of this magazine, and we featured him as Connie on the November 2013 Camp cover [...]
  • Book Review

    Bookworm Sez – When Gang Members Are Gay

    You felt surprisingly safe. There you were, in a place that was certainly iffy, but you were totally comfortable there. No danger, no darkness, no problems – and in the new book The Gang’s All [...]
  • No Picture

    Will LGBT+ Social Spaces Wither Away?

    The gay bar has been eulogized by the gay press (https://goo.gl/VyKA8Q), pathologized by experts studying crime and deviance, and romanticized by others. On the surface, such eulogies appear to be valid. All across the nation, [...]
  • Arts & Entertainment

    A Collection of Seven Shorts from One Director

    “I’ve always been a daydreamer,” declares out-and-proud filmmaker Michael J. Saul at the beginning of his new compilation of shorts, The Daydreamer’s Notebook. “I was always off in my own little world. It was always [...]


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